Being purpose driven means we have strong beliefs

News media becoming

In the pursuit of regaining its purpose, relevance and trusted prominence in society, the news media industry will have to adopt to new playground rules similar to any other industry in recent years – putting the customer experience at the heart of their operations!

Here are a few claims we believe in

There is a sustainable, commercially viable business model for news-media to be re-invented
Journalistic co-creation, activism and solutioning will replace independence, neutrality and investigation
The reader – not the publisher – decides what is good or bad content
Especially for legacy news-media, the need for innovation at the core has never been bigger – and the pitch for standing out never been more opportune
Content curation, -distribution and to some extend -production will be automated – genuine, reader experiences will not
News-rooms become demand driven catering to the needs of their audience
Journalists become facilitators of learning rather than broadcasters of news